What is Publiseer?

Founded in 2017, Publiseer is a digital platform that helps underserved and independent African writers, musicians, filmmakers, and video game developers, from low-income communities, earn above the minimum wage and live above the poverty line from the sales of their creative works. Publiseer does this by helping them distribute, protect, promote, and monetize their works across over 400 well-established partner stores worldwide, at no charge, with just a single click.

Every day, Publiseer discovers local African talents and gives them a platform to focus on what they love doing the most, which is creating. At the same time, we handle the tedious but essential business of transforming their creativity into wealth for them. So far, thanks to partnerships with the International Publishers Association (IPA) and the International Publishing Distribution Association (IPDA), we have helped over 11,000 African creatives earn over $487,000 in revenue.



Freemium distribution

We have a free plan that lets African creatives from low-income communities distribute, protect, promote, and monetize their creative works on 400+ well-established partner stores worldwide, at no charge.

African-tailored payout methods

We have a royalty payout system that works for African creatives, as they earn and receive their royalties in their local bank account or mobile money wallet, which is risk-free and convenient.

We distribute on all verticals

We distribute digital content on every vertical, such as ebooks, audiobooks, digital music, music videos, short films, feature films, and video games. We’re a full digital media company.

We make your work stand out

Before distribution, we fine-tune content to industry standards so that our creatives stand a chance to compete on a global scale in a very competitive market.

Robust distribution channel

Most digital aggregators distribute to at most 120 digital stores, but we distribute up to 425 digital stores worldwide, thus getting our content on every online store or digital platform that matters.

We protect your content

We protect every content we distribute from illegal distribution, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and intellectual property theft, so that our creatives truly own their content, and receive all their royalties.