Good news. Kobo Plus is expending to Canada. In 2017, Rakuten Kobo rolled out Kobo Plus, a revenue-sharing model for authors distributing ebooks to the Netherlands and Belgium. Now, Kobo is bringing the same opportunity to Canada, with the launch of Kobo Plus Canada. Canada is Kobo’s strongest performing territory, where it has the most reach, so opening up Kobo Plus Canda provides a huge opportunity for authors. Publiseer already distributes to Kobo Plus, so our catalog will automatically be included in the new territory.

The founders of Publiseer speaking at the 2019 International Publishers Association (IPA) Regional Seminar in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kobo Plus is Kobo’s subscription service that allows subscribers access to books on an all-you-can-read basis. It’s currently available in strategic territories in Europe and North America: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Canada. Kobo Writing Life authors can opt into Kobo Plus via the Rights and Distribution tab in their KWL Dashboard. The option is available to choose all territories or specific countries.

Publiseer is a digital platform that lets independent African writers fine-tune, distribute, protect, promote and monetize their ebooks and audiobooks across hundreds of partner stores worldwide, at no charge to the authors, but for a share in the revenue, Publiseer generates for such author. Publiseer was recently awarded the Migration Entrepreneurship Prize by the Swiss Government for the opportunity it offers to underserved African creatives.