Frequently Asked Questions

Creatives receive their royalties once every month when the accrued amount reaches the $20 threshold. In such an event, we pay the amount into their local bank account or mobile money wallet through the information they have provided on their ‘Payout’ page. For those who haven’t added a bank account or mobile money wallet number to their account, their royalty payout is temporarily placed on hold until such payout information is provided.

  1. Reduced illegal distribution and intellectual property theft of works owned by African creatives.
  2. Quick and reliable royalty settlement to African creatives by record labels, book publishers, film production houses, and video game publishers.
  3. Increased in-depth and worldwide content distribution for African creatives.
  4. Increased African creatives earning a living from their creatives.
  5. Better discovery of talented African creatives.
  6. More reliable and transparent monetization system for digital content in Africa.
  7. More African content on hundreds of well-established global platforms.
  8. A better perception of the African people by the rest of the world.

Many budding African creatives earn below the minimum wage and live below the poverty line because it’s increasingly difficult for them to earn a living from their creative works without having the relevant connection to industry stakeholders. It’s almost physically impossible for them to earn a living as independent full-time professionals without being signed. Many of them eventually search for opportunities to leave the African continent to places where they are more likely to earn a living as creatives. This leads to brain drain on the African continent. Those who can’t leave, struggle every day to survive, and as such, they do not have the luxury to dream anymore. Many of them keep jobs they do not have any interest in, in order to survive and pay their recurring bills. However, these creatives have amazing creative works that can earn them a living, but unfortunately, there is no avenue for them to showcase these amazing works to the public and get discovered. As a result of this, they are forced to keep jobs they have no love for or excitement about, and as such, they underperform at both work and at life.

Independent African writers, musicians, filmmakers, and video game developers. Our ideal creative earns below the minimum wage and lives in a low-income community in Africa. Such creative should be an intermediate tech-savvy that is looking for an avenue to distribute their creative work, but unable to pay the distribution fees of existing digital aggregators, and thus use social media utilities to organically reach and attract potential fans.

publiSHEr is an initiative by Publiseer that bridges the gender imbalance gap in the field of digital media. This includes discovering and encouraging more female African writers, musicians, and filmmakers to get involved in creating and changing the African narrative together. The publiSHEr initiative gives female African creatives the distribution, protection, and promotion services of Publiseer at no charge, and allow them to keep 100% of the revenue generated from the sales of their creative works, as opposed to the typical Publiseer business model where Publiseer takes 25% the revenue generated. So far, we have reduced the gender imbalance gap on our platform by over 18% since we launched publiSHEr.

Publiseer lets independent African writers, musicians, filmmakers, and video game developers, distribute, protect, promote and monetize their creative works on 400+ partner stores through 20+ channels in 100 countries, at no charge, with a single click. When a unit of any work we distribute is sold, Publiseer takes 25% of the revenue generated from sales, which goes back into helping more creatives. Our partner stores include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Spotify, iTunes, Hulu TV, iFlix, and Steam. Our creatives can monitor their sales performance across all stores using our centralized dashboard, and receive their royalties via their local bank account or mobile money wallet, which are convenient and risk-free.

We launched ‘Publiseer Pro’ in a bid to retain and grow with our most successful creatives. Typically, when we onboard creatives, their content aren’t exclusive to us. This means that they can sell their content elsewhere if they want to. They keep all the distribution rights to their content. However, we discover and sign African creatives whose content we strongly believe in or those whose content is selling much faster than other creatives. When we sign such creatives, we go into an exclusive contract with them for a minimum of two years, and we work closely with them to promote and launch their careers. This exclusive deal is known as ‘Publiseer Pro’. It’s a launchpad through which we discover, sign and build amazing African talents. It includes strategic planning, marketing, financing, branding, and PR.

Work Genre: This is the style or category of your book, music, film, or game. Examples of music genres include afropop, afrobeat, rock, jazz, pop music, hip hop music, folk music, blues, heavy metal, and country music. Click here for a comprehensive list of music genres. Examples of writing genres include fiction, non-fiction, mystery, horror fiction, prose, essay, fantasy, romance novel, science fiction, memoir. Click here for a comprehensive list of writing genres.

Intended Release Date and Time: This is the ideal date and time you want your book, music, film, or game to be distributed to our partner stores.

Publiseer distributes ebooks, audiobooks, digital music, music videos, short films, feature films, and video games. So, we work with writers, musicians, filmmakers, and video game developers. All content we distribute must be African-themed or be created by an African creative.

Creatives get to distribute their creative works worldwide, and monetize their creative works conveniently. They get to build a growing fanbase across multiple well-established platforms, and optimize their Search Engine presence. Their creative works are fine-tuned before distribution by experts, and they get to distribute as many works as they have without worrying about heavy distribution costs. Most importantly, they get to earn a living as full-time professionals.

When authors, artists, filmmakers, or game developers are accepted on the platform, Publiseer takes care of every necessary media and distribution work from start to finish. Authors get professional book covers, unique ISBN, worldwide book distribution via online stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Books, and Apple iBooks, standard book editing and formatting, and EPUB file conversion for easy distribution. For artists, filmmakers, and game developers, the expectation isn’t less.

For independent creatives earning below the minimum wage and cannot afford to distribute their creative works with us by paying the distribution fee, we distribute such content after review, at no charge to the creative. When a unit of such work is sold, Publiseer takes 15% of the revenue generated from sales. However, large traditional book publishers, record labels, film production houses, and video game publishers who want to sell their works online can do that with us by paying a recurring upfront distribution fee, and when a unit of such work is sold, they keep 100% of it.

We offer African creatives a wide array of media and distribution services, which include a free and in-depth worldwide digital content distribution, and an African-tailored royalty payout system. This ensures that their content gets on every store and platform that matter, and that they conveniently receive their royalties when accrued.

  1. We have a free plan that lets independent African creatives protect, distribute, promote, and monetize their creative work on over 400 well-established platforms worldwide.
  2. We also have a royalty payout system that is feasible and convenient for African creatives.
  3. We distribute digital content on different verticals, such as ebooks, audiobooks, digital music, music videos, short films, feature films, and video games. We are a complete digital media company.
  4. Publiseer fine-tunes the content of creatives to industry-standard before distribution, such as book editing and formatting, music re-mastering, and video post-production. This is to ensure that they stand a chance to compete on a global scale in a very competitive market.
  5. Most digital aggregators distribute to at most 120 digital stores, but we have the most complete distribution channel that distributes to 413 digital stores and platforms worldwide, thus getting our creatives on every digital platform that matters.
  6. Most importantly, we protect the creative works we distribute from illegal distribution and intellectual property theft, so our creatives truly own their content.

Yes, we do. We work with traditional book publishers, author agents, record labels, artist managers and management companies, movie production and distribution companies, and video game publishers. Such organizations or corporate structures must be looking to sell the works of their creatives. Such work must be African-themed. We work with organizations based in Africa with 10-100 employees, processing $100,000 – $1,000,000 in annual revenue, and willing to pay an upfront distribution fee in order to keep all the revenue generated from sales of the works we distribute for them.