We are not the best because we say we are.
We are the best because everybody knows.

Publiseer is a digital publishing platform tailored to meet the growing needs of independent African writers and musicians from low-income communities. It is home to several A-list Nigerian musicians, DJs and producers, international musical artists and famous writers.

Focusing on issues specific to African creators, Nwaogu twins built platform Publiseer to enable writers and musicians sell their content online.

Earlier this year, GTBank confirmed that it was working with digital content firm Publiseer to help African writers and musicians distribute and monetise their works

Last month it was Baker & Taylor, and this month it’s Bibliotecha’s CloudLibrary. That’s an extra 3,000 library outlets in the Publiseer distribution bank – an impressive showing for a shoestring start-up operating on the continent where it seems the big western retailers have little interest.

Publiseer, a digital publishing platform for African authors and artists, has become one of the winners of the Migration Entrepreneurship Prize by the Human Security Division (Switzerland).

This is another good look avenue for artists and book authors who want to focus on getting other important stuff done after their hardwork.

If you’re an artiste or musician, Publiseer will help publicize your work by distributing it across major media platforms. It is indeed the go-to website for creative minds.

Every day, Publiseer discovers local African talents and give them a platform to focus on what they love doing the most, which is to create, while Publiseer handles the tedious business of transforming their creativity into wealth for them.

With the number of creatives on their platform, Publiseer is now one of the largest independent digital publishers in Africa.

[Publiseer] partners with Google Play Books to support Google’s digital book distribution service in fulfilling the publishing requests it receives in Africa.

Publiseer is a digital publishing platform that has its focus on authors and singers. Helping them to publish and distribute their content on different platforms, and giving a chance to monetize these contents. This is valid because, a whole lot of content developers would be thoroughly glad making money from their intellectual property. Especially when they do not have the popularity yet.

The platform also offers product fine-tuning, taking the words written by an author and transforming it into a piece of work ready to be published. It does the same with songs, paying authors and artists royalties for every copy sold.

…At no charge [Publiseer] lets independent African creatives distribute their creative works on over 400 digital stores worldwide, and they receive their royalties via African tailored payment methods, which are convenient.

Since inception, Publiseer has helped over 2,100 African creatives to monetize their creative works worldwide, and for their impact, they’ve emerged the first place winner in the OpportunityDesk Impact Challenge and won the Startup World Cup Nigeria Regional Competition.

I will give this startup a 4.5 rating of 5, seeing the innovation is another good step in the digitisation of Nigeria, and is also timely and almost altruistic, although time will tell if it will be truly beneficial to the Nigerian creator.

The digital content distribution company is promoting the beautiful culture and heritage of the African people to the rest of the world, one content at a time.

Publiseer became profitable after eight months from inception.

[Publiseer is a] digital publishing company which ensures copyright protection and markets works of arts across the world at no cost to the owners.

Publiseer was founded and launched in 2017 by twins Chidi and Chika Nwaogu. The startup helps authors and artists publish and distribute content on online bookstores and music stores.

Unlike other digital publishers like BookBaby and CDBaby, [Publiseer does] not charge to publish the work of creatives but instead, make money from a cut of revenue generated.

The platform previously had maintained a relationship with such distributors as Amazon Music, Apple iTunes, Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify and Deezer. YouTube has been added to the list of distributors artists on Publiseer can have access to.

However, the digital publishing company knew that the problem they are solving isn’t just experienced by Nigerian creatives, but by creatives in the entire continent, so the plans for expansion were always in the picture.