Publiseer has today taken a great step to distribute its ebooks and audiobooks across new markets with the potential to reach many new readers across the world. This step is a result of two new distribution partners based in different European countries. These partners are WOOK and Legimi. 

Legimi’s catalog in Poland has over 75,000 titles in both ebooks and audiobooks from almost 700 publishers and over 3,000 libraries.

WOOK is the largest online bookstore in Portugal, which distributes digital books, both in audio and ebook formats, and boasts a wide selection of foreign titles available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. WOOK has over 1.8 million registered users with a growth rate of nearly 20% as of 2021. Due to its growth rate and large readership, WOOK ranks among the top 10 leading online stores in Portugal.

Legimi is an online store in Poland, which has become a leader in the local publishing industry market in Poland. With over 75,000 titles in both ebooks and audiobooks from nearly 700 publishers and more than 3,000 libraries, Legimi had been operating in the German market since 2016. 

Publiseer is a digital platform that helps independent and underserved African writers, musicians, filmmakers, and video game developers, typically those from low-income and disadvantaged communities, to earn above the minimum wage and live above the poverty line from the sales of their creative works. 

In a nutshell, every day, Publiseer discovers extraordinary local African creators and gives them a platform to focus on doing what they love doing the most and what they know how to do best, which is to create, while Publiseer handles the tedious but important business of transforming their creativity into wealth for them.

When Publiseer accepts a creator on its platform, Publiseer fine-tunes their creative works to industry standard, so that the creator stands a chance to compete on a global scale. Then Publiseer distributes it to its over 400 well-established partner stores so that the creator is easily discovered.

Publiseer also protects this content from illegal distribution and intellectual property theft, so the creator truly owns the content. The creators receive their royalties via African-tailored payment methods, such as into a local bank account or through a mobile money wallet.