Apple Books Digital Narration is a new feature that Apple launched recently. This allows authors to create audiobooks from their existing ebooks using natural-sounding text-to-speech technology with voices that are based on human narrators. This feature makes the creation of audiobooks more affordable, and more accessible.

Authors at Publiseer who want to turn their ebooks into audiobooks can simply notify Publiseer, after which, their ebook is sent to Apple, who turns it into an audiobook and makes it available on the Apple Books store for sale. Approximately, it takes Apple two months to process this request and make the audiobook available in their store.

For new authors joining Publiseer, their ebooks are automatically sent to Apple to turn into an audiobook, except as stated otherwise by the author.

“Apple is a wonderful place for authors to garner new readers. It offers a very competitive royalty percentage, fosters book promotion, and stands out as one of the renowned retail bookstores that includes the book description in its search results, thus offering authors significant control over the search visibility of their books,” says Chidi Nwaogu, one of the founders of Publiseer.

“Since the inception of Publiseer, we’ve distributed our books to Apple Books, and so far, we have recorded impressive results from the sales and exposure it has offered our authors.”

Active to creators in 8 African countries, Publiseer has helped over 9,000 African content creators distribute more than 19,000 digital content; garnering about 85 million in downloads and streams. In 2023, Publiseer was recognized by Ernst & Young as one of the 100 “most meaningful businesses in the world”.