Today, we added Vivlio to the list of digital bookstores we distribute our ebooks to, and we wanted to let you know about this. Recently, distribution to Standaard Boekhandel, the Belgium-based channel of Tolino, was taken over by Vivlio, the French-based ebook distributor. This brings us to our announcement that Vivlio has been added as a sales channel for all our existing authors and new authors to come onboard.

Vivlio is a French-based ebook distributor.

Founded in 2012, and owned by large French publishers and booksellers, Vivlio provides a comprehensive solution to distribute and sell ebooks. Adding Vivlio to the list of our partner stores gives our authors the opportunity to sell their ebooks to all the distributors, e-readers, and mobile applications via Vivlio. We are excited about this new distribution channel and have begun migrating our titles to Vivlio already. We believe that this will be a beneficial sales channel for our existing authors and new authors to come.

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