Many budding African creatives earn below the minimum wage and live below the poverty line because it’s increasingly difficult for them to earn a living from their creative works without having the relevant connection to industry stakeholders. It’s almost physically impossible for them to earn a living as independent full-time professionals without being signed. Many of them eventually search for opportunities to leave the African continent to places where they are more likely to earn a living as creatives. This leads to brain drain on the African continent. Those who can’t leave, struggle every day to survive, and as such, they do not have the luxury to dream anymore. Many of them keep jobs they do not have any interest in, in order to survive and pay their recurring bills. However, these creatives have amazing creative works that can earn them a living, but unfortunately, there is no avenue for them to showcase these amazing works to the public and get discovered. As a result of this, they are forced to keep jobs they have no love for or excitement about, and as such, they underperform at both work and at life.