1. We have a free plan that lets independent African creatives protect, distribute, promote, and monetize their creatives work on over 400 well-established platforms worldwide.
  2. We also have a royalty payout system that is feasible and convenient for African creatives.
  3. We distribute digital content on different verticals, such as ebooks, audiobooks, digital music, music videos, short films, feature films, and video games. We are a complete digital media company.
  4. Publiseer fine-tunes the content of creatives to industry-standard before distribution, such as book editing and formatting, music re-mastering, and video post-production. This is to ensure that they stand a chance to compete on a global scale in a very competitive market.
  5. Most digital aggregators distribute to at most 120 digital stores, but we have the most complete distribution channel that distributes to 413 digital stores and platforms worldwide, thus getting our creatives on every digital platform that matters.
  6. Most importantly, we protect the creative works we distribute from illegal distribution and intellectual property theft, so our creatives truly own their content.

1 thought on “How does Publiseer differ from other digital content aggregators?

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    felixbrainoo223 says:

    After a content is fine-tuned to industry standard, will the creative of the content get a copy of the fine-tuned content to see before distribution ?

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